Violent Dischord

by GutterLIFE



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released March 25, 2014



all rights reserved


GutterLIFE East Islip, New York

In recent years, it would seem the DIY "punk" mentality has vanished from music scenes, receding into a little-known "underground." While there are those that would argue that's exactly where it belongs, there are those who disagree--those who demand their message be not just heard, but understood worldwide. Long Island punk outfit GutterLIFE finds themselves as figureheads for the latter. ... more

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Track Name: Like Cattle
Why aren't we asking questions?
Why does it seem that we believe
everything that were told?
Lies coming from every direction,
Brainwashed by TV screens.
The media
brings mass deception.

And like cattle
we've become,
We all obey.
They think that we're expendable
and we're to blame.
They'll take your home
and lock you up,
throw away the key,
none more corrupt.
Poison our food,
test drugs on us
and pretty soon
we'll all be fucked.

Unless we take a stand,
They'll have the upper hand

So don't listen to what I say.
Just live your life
and look the other way
They'll come for you
and you'll think of me
as they carry you away.
Or we can take a stand.
There's way more of us
than there are of them.
If we stood together,
we could fight as one
and accomplish anything.

But if we take a stand,
We'll have the upper hand.

Its time to fight back.
This isn't the way the way
that this was meant to be.
So sick of the lies
and those that still believe.
Track Name: Giants Waking
Are we really as safe
as we pretend to be
with their security?
Some of us trust in gods
some of us trust in pigs
but none of those work for me.

How can we trust a nation
disarmed amongst police
When we're considered enemies
Tactics we should be questioning
When the conspiracies all
become reality
I won't be herded like a sheep
Get up!

One nation falls
under god
right to their knees
Where will you stand when the system crumbles
when the rug is pulled out from your feet
where you were standing comfortably

They'll say
"That its for your safety
Now hand them over please"
Over my dead body
Without these rights there is no balance of power
So don't you fucking tread on me

We are the Sons
of a False Flag Nation.
Daughters of Tyranny
"Don't Tread On Me"
We are the ones you
To question everything
Now we refuse to Sleep.

Track Name: Revolution Radio
Power abused,
our rights decay,
our freedoms sent
Straight to the grave
Protect and serve
in riot gear
false flags abound
to keep us in state of fear

This is the sound
of the revolution radio
our voices drowned
but you don't fucking care at all
are we too loud? Can you not hear your stupid tv shows?
I'm screaming loud in your ears like the stereo!

I find it hard
to sleep at night
just knowing that
everything won't be alright
I see the world
with open eyes
Became aware
I woke up and I realized

I look around
and can't help but
feel that its too late
we're trouble bound, going down
our ship is lost at sea
So kill me now.
Don't care how
but please don't poison me
I've grown immune
from the chem-trails that I always breathe.

I know that none of this
makes sense to you right now
But when you wake up
you'll have this all figured out.

Terror state
Where everyone is afraid
that if they stop to even think
or begin questioning things
they goin in a fema camp
Most indefinitely
but I'm a rebel mother fucker
I was born to be free
Insightin riots
we rush these streets
cept I was thinking more along the lines
of one big party
where we file down bars
and take back whats ours
We'll bring a little chaos back to our
american hearts

I know that none of this
makes sense to you right now
But when you wake up
you'll have this whole song figured out.
I never sleep fearing I'll wake
to mushroom clouds tomorrow.
Track Name: Sinking Fast
I've given all that I can give
I spent countless days home thinkin
bout the life I'd wish I'd lived
And now I sail this sinking ship
but I won't just yet abandon
everything and call it quits

I've seen some things in life
that'd prolly make you cry
I know the reasons you can't
fall asleep at night
We're not so different
you & I

It seems my whole worlds sinkin fast
Like getting hammered by the waves
in a storm that just won't pass
I felt hate flip the hour glass
Feel my time here quickly fading
Being dragged down by my past

At times it seems our fate is to be lost at sea
Well its time to wake up
and turn these nightmares into dreams
I won't be held down
by my memories
Track Name: R.F.I.D.
Control our thoughts
freewill is dead
is it true that
we've all been mislead
Thought it was safe
to trust in them
When they put their chip
inside my head
I guess I should have listened
now my whole minds imprisoned
History only teaches those who learn

So will you bare the unholy mark of the beast
The R.F.I.D.

Won't put your fucking chip in me
American mind slavery
You should have fucking listened
Now you will bare the unholy mark of the beast
The R.F.I.D.