Don't Sleep

by GutterLIFE



released February 17, 2015



all rights reserved


GutterLIFE East Islip, New York

In recent years, it would seem the DIY "punk" mentality has vanished from music scenes, receding into a little-known "underground." While there are those that would argue that's exactly where it belongs, there are those who disagree--those who demand their message be not just heard, but understood worldwide. Long Island punk outfit GutterLIFE finds themselves as figureheads for the latter. ... more

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Track Name: Complacent
Just sit down & shut up
follow the rules
Don't question
This is the way
they raised us

From the time that we are born
we're cast into their system
so Will you choose to disobey
their order or just take it?

Shut your mouth
If you choose just to sit and take it (you'll take it)
Keep your eyes to the ground
and remain complacent (or face it)
Theres a war
On everything
that keeps us free
I wanna fight
but you're just too complacent

I don't accept the official story
I won't obey just because you threaten me
And we will see who is fucking sorry
When you've lived your whole life on your knees

I won't be complacent

I lost track of the times
They tried to keep us in line
Wouldn't join their ranks
Saw through the lies
Id rather die than be
herded like a sheep
I once was blind
but now I see

Stay Asleep Die A Sheep
Listen to my words
Start Questioning
Track Name: Dropping Bombs
Sometimes it's almost useless to resist
We're on our own
Can not detach from our hopelessness
Abandon. We can't win
We solve our problems with closed fists
drop bombs to settle differences
When will we start to see through?

We'll all prolly die
before we grow old
We cheat and we lie
That's why we're alone
I asked "how we did we come to this"
You responded "National Interest"
our greed is what's killing our world

Now we see through
We're not dropping bombs to save the world
Now we have to
Open our eyes to see the truth
The writings on the wall
Our world is in a strangle hold
Choking on us all

Soon we'll cease to exist
Unless we
Change our ways
our world will spit us out
and resustain
without our race
sending us into the ground
I pray that it is not too late
for us to turn around
and change the error of our ways
before the clock runs out
and it will
there's no doubt

Destroyed by selfish greed
We're losing everything
Our ship is going down

Who will save us now?
When our planet dies
and we go straight to hell

God would say
"You did this to yourselves"

We're losing control.
Track Name: Sail Home
I feel the pressure as its rising
I see the end in sight
No hope for us surviving it this time
I can't prepare my mind
How does one prep themselves to die
I guess I'll just sit here
and dwell over the regrets in my life

Cause I can't believe
So I'll just try pretend
that we didn't have to end
Its just the little things
that I'm trying to forget
Get lost inside my head

I feel it coming closer
Like wolves clawing at my door

I heard you say that love
could save us now
could guide us home
so I looked to the stars above
to guide me home & I
sailed off the edge of the world

So fuck your regrets
Lay them all to rest
You did your best
At least that's what I'll tell myself

"We'll All Sail Home"
She said to me
We left our love
but at least we didn't die alone.
After tonight
our love story will remain untold
Track Name: Symptoms Of War
Your Dead!
a symptom of their war
the bullets fly
while bombs land at your door
Theres no escape
prepare to meet your fate
No say
You'll suffer from the

Of thy war machine
Upon the flesh
Tyrants feed

Your death won't be the last
so long as they wage war
just caught up in the nest
of their unsettled score
You have no debt
but still you're paying for
their dispute with your death

Bury your fucking corpse
in a mass grave
A casualty of war
your friends and family
murdered inside their homes
All fucking dead
Humanity is gone
The tyrants will remain
forever safely on their thrones

Symptoms of thy war machine:
No peace.
Track Name: Pursuit Of Hopelessness
We're holding onto what littles left
for what its worth
its false hope at best
And now we're in over our heads
just drowning in a sea of debt
For generations
We let corporate scum corrupt our nation
How did we get into this mess?

So are we getting by
or getting just enough
working to pay rent
or to stay out of cuffs
How could I feed a family
when the times so tough
don't even think I'll make it
...this month

I'm tearing at the seems
just struggling to find peace
a world that tries to hold me back
Just wanna chase my dreams
and keep that fire in me
I Can't afford to call it quits

Stuck at a fucking dead end

If theres a God, Come save us
From those who've enslaved us

Grant us strength to resist
The urge to call it quits
Grant us strength to resist
Cause I'm starting to doubt

We're only getting poorer
and I see no end in sight
Only getting older
yet we still slave to survive

I'll beg for change
You dance for rain
This is a call to arms
for us to change our fate
and Feel

Pursuit of Hopelessness